How to build technology ecosystem in Africa – A blue print (TEDx Talk)

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At TEDx Abayi, I shared a blueprint on “How to build Technology Ecosystem in Africa”

Africa imports over 95% of the technology products she consumes.

Our existence and survival as a continent heavily rely on other continents.

We graduate thousands of engineers every year, but we have very few companies to engage them.

Unemployment and poverty are very high in Africa.

One way out is indigenous technology development and entrepreneurship.

If we can engage young people in technology development and entrepreneurship, we can create abundant jobs, reduce poverty and build wealth.

However, to produce technologies, we need to build a technology ecosystem.

A technology ecosystem is the collection of people, institutions, companies and other resources required for the production of technology.

Without this ecosystem, we cannot produce technologies.

So, how do we build this ecosystem?

I shared a blueprint and the progress we are already making in building the Nigerian Ecosystem.

Click on the link for the video

This talk was given at TEDxAbayi, a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Hardware Community launched in Lagos, Nigeria.

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As a follow up to Hardware Nigeria Community (HNC) Lagos chapter inauguration two days ago, Hub360 a Lagos based company is opening up their lab to 5 individuals (interns) willing to learn embedded systems design.

These 5 will have full access to all of the components hub360 sells to work with and the only requirement is that they write about their builds on hub360’s blog.

Anyone interested should send an email to with “HNC Lagos Freebies” as subject😊.

Hardware Ecosystem in Lagos

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We’ve taken responsibility to build the Nigeria of our dreams.

We are inspiring and supporting indigenous product development, job creation and entrepreneurship.

We are building a Technology Ecosystem in Nigeria.
 Join us to inaugurate Hardware Nigeria Community (HNC) Lagos Chapter on 16th June 2018.

If you are in Lagos and you have interest in technology, register here:

Hardware Nigeria Community – Introduction

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Hardware Nigeria Community (HNC) is a network and synergy of Nigerian inventors, makers and hardware entrepreneurs committed to fixing hardware in Nigeria.

It is a system which facilitates indigenous technology development, entrepreneurship and job creation.


Hardware in this context implies physical technology products such as electronic devices, mechanical devices, machines, gadgets, etc.


Vision of HNC

To build a highly successful hardware ecosystem in Nigeria

To transform Nigeria into a technology producer


Objectives of HNC

The overall objective of HNC is to identify and support Nigerians involved in hardware through local support groups in every city across Nigeria.

HNC will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Create and maintain an accurate database of Nigerians in hardware including: Name, location, skills, projects, needs, etc.
  2. Facilitate the creation of new hardware products and businesses
  3. Build local support groups in every city and state nationwide
  4. Attract and provide relevant resources to people in hardware
  5. Advocate for government support to hardware players
  6. Provide capacity development for people in hardware – technical and business
  7. Provide support in prototype development, manufacturing and marketing of hardware products


Local support groups (LSG)

Each city will have a local support groups (LSG) and a coordinator.

The local support groups will meet regularly (preferably once a month) and will perform the following functions:

  1. Identify and keep record of hardware people in the city
  2. Share information, opportunities, equipment and tools
  3. Provide capacity development for members
  4. Facilitate collaboration among members in product and business development
  5. Help to validate market demand for potential products
  6. Help to distribute and market indigenous hardware products



To achieve the HNC project, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Identify volunteer coordinators in different cities nation wide
  2. Create a WhatsApp group for them
  3. Create and adopt a guiding document outlining HNC objectives
  4. Conduct an online survey for all hardware guys in Nigeria
  5. Organize local meet ups in different cities



According to the road map for hardware ecosystem in Nigeria, capacity development (skill acquisition) is the next step after setting up HNC chapters.

The skills required by hardware developers can be summarized into two:

  • Engineering skills
  • Business skills


Engineering skills can be summarized to the following topics:

  1. Product/industrial design
  2. Electronic circuit design and PCB fabrication
  3. Embedded system design and programming
  4. Artificial intelligence and Robotics
  5. Computer aided design (CAD) and mechanical design
  6. Digital fabrication (3D printing, CNC machining, laser/plasma cutting, etc.)
  7. Mold design and fabrication


Business skills can be summarized to the following topics:

  1. Market valuation
  2. Business model and business plan
  3. Team building and management
  4. Pitching and Fund raising
  5. Marketing
  6. Supply chain management (SCM)
  7. Accounting


These skills shall be thought during the meet ups at each HNC chapter.

HNC chapters will serve as Local Support Groups (LSG)