How to build technology ecosystem in Africa – A blue print (TEDx Talk)

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At TEDx Abayi, I shared a blueprint on “How to build Technology Ecosystem in Africa”

Africa imports over 95% of the technology products she consumes.

Our existence and survival as a continent heavily rely on other continents.

We graduate thousands of engineers every year, but we have very few companies to engage them.

Unemployment and poverty are very high in Africa.

One way out is indigenous technology development and entrepreneurship.

If we can engage young people in technology development and entrepreneurship, we can create abundant jobs, reduce poverty and build wealth.

However, to produce technologies, we need to build a technology ecosystem.

A technology ecosystem is the collection of people, institutions, companies and other resources required for the production of technology.

Without this ecosystem, we cannot produce technologies.

So, how do we build this ecosystem?

I shared a blueprint and the progress we are already making in building the Nigerian Ecosystem.

Click on the link for the video

This talk was given at TEDxAbayi, a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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